At Discount Kitchens and Bathrooms Ltd we only offer the best quality products, as Steve has worked in this industry for over 15 years he knows the difference in the quality of materials used and the service you get from certain suppliers; he also knows only too well that to make a good job happen you need good products and good fitters, that is why DKB employ most of their fitters and why Steve is so particular when he buys the materials and products that he does.

All DKB kitchen units are rigid built – this means that all our units are glued and dowelled and all backs, drawer bases etc are made from the same high density board as the sides (and not as other firms claim as rigid – slide in backs or backs and drawer bases that are thinner (cheaper) than the sides and screwed together in some fashion). We fit, as standard, soft close and quick release hinges and metal drawer boxes. Also all edges are edged using a high impact PVC, not the thin tape that chips and therefore leaves the unit open to moisture. Even the back of the unit that nobody sees has the same edge in case the fitter accidentally bangs the unit against a wall or it gets bumped in transit, this ensures we don’t have to remake and resend units but it also means your job is not delayed and the kitchen lasts much longer.

Also DKB can offer bespoke furniture, so if your kitchen has a pipe chase in the corner or a boiler etc we can manufacture a tailored unit for that space to avoid cutting units onsite and compromising the build and finish quality.

Our best selling doors are acrylic finish which means we can offer an ultra-gloss or ultra-matt finish that is not a vinyl wrap door with stretch marks or lacquered finish that shows an orange peel effect. These doors are edged using a high impact PVC edge that is available in lots of colours to match the door colour but our best selling colour – silver/white white shows that you have purchased a high end kitchen as it highlights the super frontal finish of the doors and adds a certain modern character to the door itself.

All DKB kitchens are designed, supplied and fitted by DKB staff so the client is guaranteed a flawless job, once the design is agreed between the customer and the designer with the aid of CAD 3D software our own surveyor will measure the units so they are made exact and our joiner will fit as per that precise plan so any problems are our problems and we’ll fix it.