Composite doors, French doors and more

    • The GRP skin helps make the doors extremely tough, rigid and waterproof.
    • The base of the door is typically a steel/metal with a polyurethane foam core. They can have either an extra insulating double rebate or a more simple single rebate.

Composite doors represent a practical choice for replacing a front door, as they are extremely durable, weather resistant and provide good home security.

“The exterior door structure of a composite door gives outstanding rigidity and stability,” a spokesperson at Eurocell tells us, “so unlike wooden alternatives there’s no risk of swelling, shrinking or warping and the door won’t stick or let in draughts.”

Composite doors also have high thermal efficiency, helping the home stay warm and be more energy efficient. Current building regulations require replacement doors with a U-value of 1.8 W/m2. Composite doors carry a low U-value and are very likely to exceed these requirements.

On a more aesthetic level you can buy composite doors in a host of different shades, styles and finishes, including timber effect, giving you plenty of choice. Plus, they require less maintenance and do not need to be repainted regularly.

Composite Doors



PVCu Doors

We have a wide range of PVCu door panel options, constructed from state-of-the-art materials, designed to suit every type of door style; from traditional to modern.

Combining the perfect mix of cutting-edge precision engineering and the highest quality PVCu, each door panel is made with incredible accuracy and unrivalled quality.

Complete with a diverse collection of glazing and accessory options, our PVCu panel options give you access to stylish door designs that will enhance the appearance of your customer’s home for years to come.


Fench Doors

Double opening French Doors add presence to an entrance, a sense of style, grandeur, and confidence. The perfect style for when only two doors will do.